V&A (Victoria and Albert Museum) “The Camera Exposed”

This exhibition is on at the V&A until Sunday 5th March.  Every photograph has at least one camera either in the picture or reflected or shadowed.

The large black and white striking image at the start is: IMG_2413_2.JPGIMG_2414.JPG

This picture is made completely unique – ie. ruined – by the reflection of my turquoise jumper on the glass of the frame!

Rather like me, Eugene Atget, suffered from reflections on his photos of the snapshot being made – and there are 2 examples of this in the exhibition.





Andre Kertesz, master of shadow in photography, took this self-portrait:


Another standout for me was Henri Cartier-Bresson, who managed to somehow take a photo of lots of faces with a great variety of emotion, as a religious procession went by.


All of these are only a few samples from 120 photos – available to view, for free, in room 39a.

And finally a new and intriguing favourite which I need to check out – new names to me – Philippe Halsmann and his wife, who each year made a playful photograph for their Christmas card.  This one was in the show:


Who could resist receiving such a personal and lovely statement?

Now there’s a great challenge for creatives – to each year make a Christmas piece as a card (or printed present) to give to friends.  In these throwaway moments where we are just being ourselves and playful, we may acccidentally make our best art.





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