Designated Survivor

what’s that?

I didn’t know until the series of that name began on Netflix.

Basically, a person is chosen to NOT attend the State of the Union address, when all the major political leaders of the American government are in the one place – an obvious security risk.  That person is the “designated survivor” – in the unlikely event of a critical attack upon the Senate, they are at a separate location of their choosing, and if all the other members of the Senate are wiped out in a catastrophic attack, that lowranking official will become President of the United States.

So Designated Survivor is a fictional series on Netflix (also shown on ABC) starring Kiefer Sutherland as the official (for Housing) who unexpectedly becomes President, when a violent attack wipes out the assembled country leaders during the State of the Union.  A fascinating premise.  Conspiracy plot builds upon conspiracy plot as investigations into what happened and why, uncover deeper and deeper darkness.

It’s founded upon a real security scenario:


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