Sci Fi is everywhere… wool, I’ll be darned!

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Truth can be even stranger than science fiction.  I innocently typed in a word search for “star scarf” as I like graphic designs for stars… and a whole world of hitherto unlinked subjects swam into my startled view….

Like Spock “knitting” (kudos to Mouzeron for her funky imagination and graphic design skills).

But of course, it’s not just part-Vulcans who feel the wild call of the yen to yarn….








Surely Klingons knit – because they’re such warm and fuzzy beings, right?  And what would they knit?  Obviously, a Bat’leth scarf.  Kimblerly Gintar has the pattern over at the knitting galaxy go-to which is is shot 2017-04-18 at 13.13.42

The pattern is written up as “Feeling a bit aggressive? Need to let your inner Klingon free?

Then this is just the scarf for you. It can be used in battle or just worn around your neck to keep you or your favorite Klingon warrior warm. With the silk and merino content and the holes formed by the grips, it flows gently around any Klingon or non-Klingon neck and won‘t get too warm. It also can come in handy in case a Klingon battle ensues. Don‘t be caught empty handed this winter!”





On a lighter note, for Star Wars fans, there exists an easy crochet project: Light Sabre scarf (would be easy to adapt to knitting).  See details on the earth-based Tumblr site which is crochetdork.




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