Instagram Poet – Rupi Kaur

Case Study: Rupi Kaur.  One of the most successful (ie most followed on instagram with 1 million followers, most read in published book) poet is Rupi Kaur whose use of Instagram is masterly – because alternates words and pictures.  Her posts appear in rows of 3 squares – below is a screen shot of one such row.

Screen shot 2017-04-19 at 12.26.30.png

Usually, the pattern is to alternate between a poem with her own hand drawn illustration and photos of herself (good self-publicity).  In this row of photos, on the left is also a video – made of her publishers from around the world reading each line of her poem in their own language.  The video was made for Women’s Day.  From this, we learn that she is well published in many languages, she’s addressing a huge worldwide issue (women’s standing everywhere) – as well as the text of her poem.

The whole project of her poetry grew bigger and bigger – including at one point Instagram censoring her work – which was a turning point.  From the start her work has tackled her life’s experience as a Punjabi woman and the essential womanly experience. This video tells the story in less than 5 mins.  There is also a TED talk online.




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