28,000 days

Enda O’Doherty (the gent fundraising for mental health help by carrying a fridge up Kilimanjaro) – lives life in challenging ways, as he is an alcoholic:


“I’m far more afraid of not living. I don’t want to spend my time just sitting eating take away pizza and looking at Netflix thinking that I’m living life. Given my hardships in the past, I’m so grateful for happy days, for adventures, and my good health. I really appreciate it.


“I told someone once that I live life like I’m terminally ill. And they reacted with shock that they didn’t know I was ill. But that’s not it. Of course I’m not. No more than anyone else. We all have 28,000 days on average. So, what are you going to do with them?

Fascinating.  There’s an old bit in the bible (somewhere around Psalm 90)  “Teach us Lord to number our days that we may apply our hearts onto wisdom”  – now, putting this with Enda’s quote is thought-provoking: what if each day we asked ourselves at the end of the day: what have I done today?  Anything positive counts: even trying something new, giving someone else a smile, stretching that talent I don’t use enough, finding something amazing and sharing it on social media, becoming a little more loving, helping someone, getting over that disappointment quicker, making a good health choice……. and then continuing this daily, living with the expectation that at the end of the day I will ask myself “So what did you do with today?”.

It may be wise.


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