Reasons to take a washing machine up Kilimanjaro

Enda O’Doherty is in training to take a washing machine up Kilimjaro, over 12 days, beginning on 3rd July this year, 2017.


Why?  To carry his message “The reason I carry a washing machine is to remind people that 10 people this week in Ireland will die by suicide, and they were all carrying a hidden secret load that they never told anyone about. Just like I was back in my drinking days….”

“So my message is not to carry something that’s stupid around. Share the load. Reach out and ask for help.”

Enda is doing the event on behalf of Pieta House, along with 35 others:

“The average cost for treatment in Pieta House is €1000 per person who presents feeling suicidal or self harming. So I said to the people joining me on this expedition with Earth’s Edge, I want each of you to save the lives of four Irish people with your €4000. That’s the way I visualise it.”

That’s a lot of lives affected.  Find out more by reading the full article at Outsider Magaziner,


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