When the cinema comes to you….

If you live on a Scottish island – how long does it take to travel to see a film in a cinema?  Well, it depends if the cinema is on wheels and coming your way.

The Screen Machine, supported by Creative Scotland and Lottery Funds, is a truck which transforms into a cinema.  It tours the Highlands and Islands for most of the year to give an easy chance for people in farflung places to see recent films.

Fresh from a refit, the truck/cinema has just gone back on the road, to service farflung communities.  This video celebrates its return and gives a literal insight into what it’s like as an experience.

“Our audience numbers, year by year have never dropped below what we had in the first excitement of the first couple of years – if you think, we launched the year the DVD was commercially launched!  We’ve had Netflix and Amazon and all the other streaming and online systems – and people are still that keen to come together to see a film in their own community.”  – Robert Livingston, Director, Regional Screen Scotland




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