Make it : Recycled paper Art Journal

This is a gorgeous recycling idea to make:

  • for yourself
  • to recycle
  • to keep inspiring ideas
  • to give as gift to friend

Briefly, Arne and Carlos take A4 pages of anything: drawn pictures, old bills, kid paintings….

Making Art Journal step by step

  1. They fold two or three A4 sheets together, across the middle; then stitch along that middle line (with hand-powered sewing machine)
  2. They group these little pamphlets together until thick enough for a book (see pic)

     Screen shot 2018-09-30 at 18.10.33

  3. Then sew with needle and thick thread from spine of top pamphlet to one on the bottom, repeating all the way along the spine
  4. The pamhlets are now stitched together – cover spine stitching by gluing a woven bandage strip right along it and onto the top and bottom page.Screen shot 2018-09-30 at 18.11.38
  5. Glue 2 cardboard covers (a front and back) joined together with coloured thin corrugated cardboard to cover the spine.
  6. Screen shot 2018-09-30 at 18.12.27Begin sticking in paper diagrams, mag pullouts etc which inspire you. (if the material on the original recycled paper is interesting, just leave that page as is).



The video above will take you through the process in a leisurely way.

Gardening Gift variation

Arne and Carlos were stunned to receive a gift of a homemade journal, with packets of seed inside, gifted by someone who admired their idea.  They absolutely loved it, and walk you through it on their website, here.





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