5 rainscenes onscreen

If I were to say “Which 5 rain scenes do you remember from films/tv?”  What would spring to mind?

I found these examples to inspire writing/filming:

  1. Immaculately timed editing/Fight Scene

Film “Hero” – the Fight scene between actors Jet Li vs Donnie Yen

2. Romantic sadness – love betrayed

Film “Sense and Sensibility” (directed by Ang Lee, known for his martial arts fight movies, takes on Jane Austen)

Marianne has been romanced by a suitor, Willoughby, who quotes love poetry to her – however, she is poor and he has now got engaged to a wealthy heiress – stricken, Marianne walks to outside his palatial mansion to quote the words of undying love he read to her:


3.  Science Fiction Noir

In a film full of visually stunning environment,”Blade Runner” – there is a standout scene near the end –  “Tears in the Rain” – the replicant (appears human) delivers an astounding description of what his non-human life has been:

The back story to this scene is almost more dramatic and interesting than the scene itself, as the director, Ridley Scott, recalls – in extremis, there was a rather unexpected writer of the lines:


4. Musical “Singin’ in the Rain”

For pure comedy and lighthearted dancing, this is unforgettable.  Parodied excellently by UK comedians Morecambe and Wise (Ernie Wise was a former prizewinning dancer).


5.  Thriller

The sweeping, uncertain action, the eye seeking the fleeing would be assassin amongst the anonymity of a sea of umbrellas… rain teeming down, overhead shots of interlocking umbrellas make this scene visually stunning and unsettling.


Which film scenes are iconic for you?

I’ve given a list of my oustanding film/TV rain settings.  What are yours?  Or perhaps you are in the process of scripting or filming them?


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