Health and Safety Film Night: Global Warming

Professor Mal Archaic:  Ahem, it is my pleasure to introduce, as usual, the Friday Night is Health and Safety Film Night here at ,&.  Tonight, we welcome to the small screen those well known speakers on Global Warming: Professor Steve Martin, Dr Idle and Sir Thomas Hanks.  Which reminds me of my favourite song, “T Hanks for the memory!”  Ah ha ha ha.  (Take dry, academic cough as read)

An important lecture on Global Warming from Tom, Steve and Harry Eric

Professor Mal Archaic:  Great film stars there, bravely performing live without a safety net.  Incidentally, there is a secondary careers lesson here: if your child aspires to acting, ensure that they also take music lessons, as a good steady trade to fall back on.

Good evening, cycle home safely.  And see you here on future Fridays, TBC.


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