Getting to calm

Getting to calm is quite an achievement at times in April 2020, in a worldwide time of panic and pandemic – and pandemic of panic.

I find one practice helpful – at one particular time of stress it got me to calm in 33 minutes.

I go into a room solo, light a simple candle, sit down comfortably and listen to a specially curated set of instrumental, slow music.  Music is a very personal taste, but I offer my listening list here, perhaps as a starting point (you will have your own favourites).

Cindertalk album: “Music from the Psalms” (The Psalms, Run with the Horses, Over the Flathead, Welcome to the Flathead, In pastures Green – I accidentally listed it to play twice – He danced Naked, The Hours of the Day)

Followed by tracks 8-11 on Parachute Band Album “Matins: Vespers” tracks 8-11 (Hark, Halt, Consecrate, Linger)

Question: What music do you find restful and calming?

Please leave your recommendations in the Comments – it would literally be good to hear!


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