Unknown Women

Let us now praise unfamous women – on Tuesday, poet/performer Gerda Stevenson painted lively portraits of strong women as she read from her book of poems about Scottish Women, in the richly adorned historic central room of the Scottish Portrait Gallery.  In a brilliant mix of place, voice and performance, she read from her book, tellingContinue reading “Unknown Women”

Art, books, & me me me

Today, I pockled (that is the official term for it, others might say ‘drifted’) through Waterstones, (for the benefit of overseas readers, Waterstones is a major chain of bookshops in the UK).  And here’s 2 things which jumped out at me almost immediately about modern culture: there’s a growing amount of books which are soundbitesContinue reading “Art, books, & me me me”

Sales of a Poetry Pamphlet

Poets: if you manage to get a publisher to print your work in a pamphlet – how can you increase sales?  (And also – how many sales can you expect, in which ways?) Poet Fiona Moore had a “moderately successful” pamphlet of her work printed by poetry published Happenstance – and noted how many copiesContinue reading “Sales of a Poetry Pamphlet”

Books yet to read

Which books do we ever get round to reading – and which fall by the wayside and remain unread?  Popular book reviewer on Youtube, Sanne, ponders…. You can follow Sanne at her Youtube channel, booksandquills. If you have a seemingly endless list of books you want to read – my sympathy as a fellow sufferer.Continue reading “Books yet to read”

Why arts in school?

“What are the arts for? Why do we encourage creativity? Why do we teach children to play, to perform, to paint?” This is a very old question – one which a cultural leader in Britain  has just made a very direct statement about: the Arts Council Chief Executive  in the Times Educational Supplement.   Key advantages ofContinue reading “Why arts in school?”

Poetry of Resilience – Irina Ratushinskaya

Poetry can inspire by acknowledging a person, telling their story, celebrating their life’s witness.  I just came across a poem by Luci Shaw, which tells us another poet/person’s story, their persistence through harsh circumstances.  Encouraging.  Luci’s poem begins with her introduction to Irina, in italics. Irina Ratushinskaya —Russian poet and physicist who was sentenced toContinue reading “Poetry of Resilience – Irina Ratushinskaya”

Amateur Hour tips for Weight Loss

If you’re feeling the need to lose a few pounds for the new year, you have my sympathies. I am very amateur at this process, but have found a few useful hints along the way. I am not a medical doctor nor qualified to be a weight loss counsellor – any weight loss programme shouldContinue reading “Amateur Hour tips for Weight Loss”