Shop non-assistants

“Now I’m turning my head away from you as you’ve taken 30 seconds of my life that I’ll never get back.” According to this skit, men have equal opportunities with women to receive the rough edge of condescension from clothing shop assistants, in Jeffrey’s, as featured in Saturday Night Live. If you have ever wonderedContinue reading “Shop non-assistants”


If you, like me, enjoy the crazy imaginings of Eddie Izzard and Spike Milligan, then check out their predecessor, the fallen out of fashion “Beachcomber” – pen name of J B Morton. Occasionally on rerun (original 1989) episodes of “Beachcomber” can pop up on my favourite radio station, BBC i-Player, snippets are  led by that oldContinue reading “Beachcomber”

Nora Ephron nearly cooks

Came across a wee gem of a book in local library: Nora Ephron “I feel bad about my neck, and other thoughts on being a woman.” (From the writer/director who wrote the screenplay for “When harry met sally” and “You got mail”.) This woman is talented, witty, writes in an engaging way and has interesting opinions.  She’sContinue reading “Nora Ephron nearly cooks”

Victoria Wood (and Barry and Freda)

  Gone but not forgotten.  Some people are pleasant to be around, Victoria appears to be that way. I’ve just been listening to her recording on Desert Island Discs (28th Dec 2007). Good choice of music, great variety of choice.

TV: MasterChef Series 8 Ep 2 2012

View from the Sofa between parted fingers: Master Chef (UK) Series 8 2012     Episode 2 “Cooking does not get tougher than this”. Hmmm. I bet it does, in a pitching ferry in a storm, with a kitchen 4 foot by 4 foot. The invention test begins – a wide range of foods, and contestantsContinue reading “TV: MasterChef Series 8 Ep 2 2012”