Poetry book for new doctors…

“Tools of the Trade” was taken to a Helsinki medical conference on compassion recently, by one of its editors, Dr Gillies.


“The focus of the session I led concerned the power of poetry to appeal to both head and heart, intellect and emotion, and the way in which that can open up to new doctors a different way of seeing the patient in front of them, as well as the illness that patient has.”  Dr Gillies

The book’s editors are: Dr John Gillies OBE FRCGP FRCPE (a medical doctor who is former chair of the Scottish Council of the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP)), Dr Lesley Morrison, Revd Ali Newell and Kate Hendry.

More details on a writeup at the Scottish Poetry Library – who published the new book of poetry.


(same photo used as in article – by Alex Proimos under Creative Commons Licence)


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