“How to be a Poet” published this week

If you’ve ever wanted advice on “How to be a Poet”, there’s a book with precisely that title, by key UK poetry publisher Nine Arches press, published in a few days’ time (20th December 2017.)  It’s written by Jo Bell and Jane Commane – who are poets and editors in their own write (right).   TheContinue reading ““How to be a Poet” published this week”

Writing inventive poetry layout – e e cummings

e e Cummings famously wrote poetry with unusual page layouts, so it’s well worth looking at his work for options if you write poetry.  In this example, he uses brackets (or parentheses) to structure the poem.  There’s a good reading of the poem: “i carry your heart with me (i carry it in)” and thenContinue reading “Writing inventive poetry layout – e e cummings”

Review: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950 (curator’s talk)

Today, at lunchtime, Alice Strang, Senior Curator at the National Gallery Modern (Edinburgh) gave an introductory talk on her newest exhibition: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950. The thesis of the exhibition is that Scottish artists were responding to the modern influences of European painting fast, through their own work and through courageous andContinue reading “Review: A new era: Scottish Modern Art 1900-1950 (curator’s talk)”

People who cry in front of paintings

I’m making soup and reading this book: “Pictures & Tears” by James Elkins.  His theory is that “Most of us, I think, have never cried in front of paintings, or even felt anything very strong.” (page ix) so he then examines the ‘unusual’ cases of those who do find artwork moving. Right off the bat,Continue reading “People who cry in front of paintings”

Poem written for Henry Moore

This day last week, I was in a writing workshop (led by Kate Hastie) on how to make a poem response to artworks (“Ekphrasis”).  In response to this lithograph by Henry Moore, “Upright Motives” – I wrote this:     For Henry Moore “Upright Motives”   Reinterpreting the body with his pen, Henry watches hisContinue reading “Poem written for Henry Moore”

A sight for the ears – exhibition tie-in

Edinburgh, Scotland: Last night, I was at the book launch of a pamphlet book of poetry “Seen/Unseen” written in response to the artworks in an exhibition “Hidden Gems” at the City Art Centre, Edinburgh. There was a brilliant turnout, in part due to the fact that there were 30 poets involved and most of themContinue reading “A sight for the ears – exhibition tie-in”